New Knitter!

 I know it’s been a while since I last posted here and yes, my year of cupcakes pretty much bit the dust. On a brighter note, I have some happy news: As of tonight, I have started teaching my husband to knit – and he’s doing quite well with it!

Well, that’s all for now. I’ll return as soon as something of hobby importance pops up.


Catching Up (and February Cupcakes, sort of!)

Due to a health issue, I didn’t get around to my February cupcakes, opting instead to make something much simpler (but I’ll get to that in a moment). The cupcakes for February were supposed to be Persian Love Cupcakes. For those who would like to try baking these, here’s the recipe from my calendar:



I’ve not been feeling well enough to bake cupcakes, so I made these apple dumplings from the Pioneer Woman blog instead. I used ginger ale instead of Mountain Dew because Mountain Dew is disgusting. I also used some prepackaged red or pink apples of some sort to cut down on the work. Yes, I was in lazy mode! They were soooo good, though! Here’s a picture of mine:


On a completely different note, I am expecting my very first spinning wheel soon! In the meantime, the shop I bought it from sent me a box of freebies. I chose a bunch of great fiber and ended up with such a big haul that I had to share it out. The box below includes super wash merino, alpaca wool blend, firestar and silk:


I will post more once I have my wheel up and running!

My Next Knitting Project


Now that I’ve finished my husband’s scarf, I can get back to the project I had started for myself. I’m making a patchwork blanket out of mitered squares. I knitted the first two tonight, which are pictured stacked together in the photo above. This, too, is using Berroco Vintage yarn. I’m using this pattern by Martine Ellis, which I’ve adjusted slightly for my use. I also consulted this video by VeryPink Knits while learning to make mitered squares. I’d like to thank these two sources for their direct help in my knitting!

More Green Yarn


So, I left this on my new niddy noddy (thanks, Justine!) for a couple weeks and attempted to steam finish it tonight. The good news is the steam relaxed it. The bad news is I over twisted it so much that even now it is still really curly. It made a cute little skein, though!


My First Finished Object

Here, in all its imperfect glory, is my very official, very first knitted finished object! It is shown below both with and without flash:



It’s a fairly short, not quite one skein scarf done in American Moss Stitch. I used Berroco Vintage in Dungaree, which is a machine washable wool/acrylic/nylon blend. I definitely screwed up in a few places and it felt like it dragged on forever (about two and a half weeks), but I’m pleased with the end result. More importantly, so is my husband, whom I knitted it for!

Jeanette Knits: Baby Steps


Today was my first time trying a new hobby that I hope will become an enjoyable pastime. It was very stressful in one way, but gratifying in that I was able to do what I was able to do. April and I decided to start small with a purple doll hat. She had to do most of the wrapping part because of my hand problems, but I did the knitting part. I feel encouraged because I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to do any of it, but I was able to do more than I thought. I hope that in time I will be able to do even more. More later.

A Year of Cupcakes: January

2015 was supposed to kick off with the chocolate cupcake recipe in my wall calendar, but the New Year left me with an extra bottle of bubbly. Therefore, I decided to make champagne cupcakes instead! Since I was sure this was already a thing, I went to allrecipes and had a quick look around. I found an easy recipe that uses a box mix right away. Click here for the recipe.



The resulting batch of cupcakes were WONDERFUL! They turned out light, fluffy and utterly delicious (not to mention delightfully luxurious)! I didn’t have to use anything expensive (I used Cook’s brut) and they were super easy to make. I emphatically suggest trying these for yourself.